What you will learn with this eBook

  • Explore basics of creating reusable microservices in GO

  • Understand how to monitor performance, design your caching architectures, and make sure things stay fast.

  • See how Docker can fit into your deployment strategy

  • How to do proper integration testing, including resilency testing with Virtual Machines

  • Mobile first these days, learn about how to quickly generate binding in IOS and Android. How to create api gateways to aggregate calls across multiple microservices.

  • Lots of fun special topics on Internet of Things. How to integrate with other microservices in other languages like Java and Ruby.

Table of Contents

The book will prepare you from the beginning of planning your microservices. Then lead you through the process of setting up cotinous integration with Jenkins and Docker. Once thats going we explore performance, caching and databases. Finally we will explore how mobile apps play into this.

  1. Microservices overview
  2. REST: Json vs Protocalbufs
  3. Business Logic
  4. Databases
  5. Caching
  6. Queues
  7. Performance
  8. Distributed Configuration
  9. Deploying with Docker : Short and sweet
  10. Continous deployment
  11. Mobile: IOS integration
  12. Mobile: Android integration
  13. Webapps
  14. IOT: Internet of Things
  15. Frameworks

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A word from the Author

If you are a developer aspiring to make their project better or an enterprise architect with a team underneath you, this book will help you get started quickly building microservices..

Microservices are a fundemental shift in software development, as they allow very small individual pieces of software to be built. These pieces can be tested in isolated. They can scale and be deployed in isolation also. Making it easy and safe to build out new software.Go is a great language to do microservices in since its fast to do development, has high performance and makes deployment simple

Matthew Campbell
Founder of Langfight and former co-founder of Errplane
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